Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Get Rich Click! by Marc Ostrofsky

Get Rich Click! by Marc Ostrofsky
This is a good guide/reference book (the above link offers more info) if you're interested in monetizing a blog or website. It walks you through the process and gives some great real-life examples of folks optimizing websites and blogs for a bit of extra income. Marc seems to have a finger in just about every monetizing pie out there - well worth the time and money spent reading.

The only quibble I have with it is that (unless I somehow missed it) there's no mention of Amazon's 2011 dumping of many of their affiliates in Illinois and elsewhere in states where those states have enacted legislation changing the status of affiliates. As a result of these status changes, charging of sales taxes on purchases resulting from affiliate referrals is now the order of the day. As a result, thousands of Amazon affiliates here in Illinois alone (who as of 2010 produced $9 million in sales for Amazon!) are left out in the cold. I was a former Amazon affiliate myself, and not very happy with their short-sighted decision.

Luckily, eBay doesn't resort to those tactics...as of several days ago, according to one of their representatives, they have no intention of dumping their hardworking affiliates ('Partner Network'), bless 'em!
Stay tuned....!

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